Victoria Hallman

Victoria "Vicki" Hallman (now Traver) was a Hee Haw regular from 1980 to 1990.  She was "Miss Honeydew." She also sang with Buck Owens and the Buckaroos from March 1979 to Dec. 1985. 

Vicki got her start performing in a talent show at age four and had a record contract at age six.  She graduated from Bibb County High School in Centreville, Alabama, where she was a majorette. 

Victoria is a multi-talented lady, known not only for her performances but as a gifted writer as well.  She is vice-president of a computer marketing business but still performs around the world.  (Bham Wiki - there's a photo on this page too)  She is involved in philanthropy in the Nashville, TN area.

This video from "A Tribute to the Kornfield" (Country's Family Reunion) spotlights Vicki's singing talent.

Victoria at Birmingham City Stages 2009

Ron Newcomer, a fan photographer who has pictures with/of many country music celebrities, has posted pics with Victoria here.

Read about Victoria and Birmingham musicians The Ramblers.

Victoria and many other Middle TN ladies participated in A Vintage Affair, a fundraiser for women's and children's needs.




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