Roni Stoneman

Roni appeared on "Road to Nashville" with her family, The Stonemans.


She's much more than that nagging lady!


Roni is (probably) the best known member of the legendary Stoneman Family, headed by father Ernest "Pop" Stoneman. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Stoneman settled near Washington, D.C., and were the parents of 23 (yes, 23!) children, of which 13 survived to adulthood. Of these 13, several were musically talented and traveled with "Pop," enjoying some success as folk and country performers. They even had their own TV show for a time. "Pop" Stoneman died in 1968. The surviving Stonemans have continued performing. Several of the brothers and sisters have died in recent years, but Roni is still alive and well and living in Tennessee.

Roni joined the cast of Hee Haw in 1973 and was around until the final, drastic cast change in 1991. On the show she proved her versatility as a country comedian, but also demonstrated her skills on the banjo, which have earned her the respect of many country musicians.

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