Marianne Gordon


During her tenure on Hee Haw, Marianne was known as Marianne Gordon-Rogers, because after meeting Kenny Rogers on the set shortly after joining the cast in 1972, they were married. Though Kenny only appeared on Hee Haw three times, Marianne graced the show for several years with her Southern Belle presence.

Born in Athens, Georgia, Marianne was a model and actress before her stint on Hee Haw. She appeared in the film "Rosemary's Baby" and, later, in some of the "Gambler" movies based on her then-husband's song of the same name. Marianne and Kenny are now divorced, but during their marriage, they had a son named Christopher Cody, born around 1981.

Thanks to IMDb, R. Moseman (sorry, that's all the info I have), and of course Sam Lovullo's book "Life in the Kornfield" for the information on Marianne Gordon!

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