I tried setting up automatic reply e-mails with the lyrics of these songs, but the auto-reply server didn't work. I ended up sending out 200 e-mails in two days regarding these lyrics. I got some really nasty replies from all the people who thought I wasn't going to reply to them; all the ones who needed those lyrics a lot sooner than they got them. After that I thought, what the heck. I'm gonna put these lyrics on my site until I get told not to. on the links below for what I have (which isn't much, I admit)


The Rumor Song

PFFFT! You Were Gone!

Gloom, Despair, and Agony


If it's not on this page, I don't know the lyrics or anything about it. Everything I know about these songs is ON THESE PAGES! In other words, don't ask me if it's not on there, because I don't know the answer. Thanks!


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