Lulu Roman

Lulu was actually born Bertha Louise Hable. Her mother was ill and could not raise young Lou. The little girl was sent to live with her great-grandmother, who wasn't physically able to handle the challenge of raising a youngster. The family placed her in an orphanage, but maintained contact with Lou. After high school graduation, Louise worked as a telephone operator. She was involved with a wild crowd, and became a go-go dancer. She changed her name to Lulu Roman at that point. It was through this job that she became known as a comedy act.


Lulu was one of the original "Hee Haw" cast members. During the first couple of seasons, Lulu's life off-camera was dramatically different from what the public saw on "Hee Haw." She was involved in drugs and this habit eventually led to her arrest. She lost her position in the cast, but after she became a Christian and turned her personal life around, she was allowed to re-join the cast, and remained a part of the show through the remainder of its run.


Today Lulu performs on the gospel circuit. She has two grown sons, Damon and Justin. If you haven't seen Lulu in awhile, you might not recognize her. She has lost close to 200 pounds & she is doing great! Visit her site at There you can hear cuts off her latest album (and she really is an awesome singer, by the way) & view links to read about her on other sites.


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