Hee Haw FAQ


I am often asked these questions. I hope my answers are helpful! Please look over these questions before sending an e-mail query about my site, as you might not be the first person to ask!

Q: Do you know where I can find videotapes of Hee Haw?

A: Amazon and Time-Life sell them; also, you can sometimes find them in the electronics section of your local discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc.

Q. My (choose from the following: boyfriend, neighbor, uncle, mother-in-law; or add your own relationship here) performed on Hee Haw. Do you have this? Can you make me a copy?

A: I only have this footage if it's on the DVDs that have been released by Gaylord Entertainment, which you can buy on my site from Amazon or Time-Life. I do not have a DVD recorder and even if I did it would be illegal for me to sell you a copy. If you really want the footage I recommend buying the DVD, even if you don't buy it from this site.

Click on the picture to purchase from Amazon - cover

Or this one to purchase from Time-Life - - you may have to navigate their site a little to find the DVD's

Speaking of illegal, I have found quite a few bootleg VHS tapes of "Hee Haw"on Click here for your favorite eBay items. I have to admit that I have purchased a couple of these myself in the past. If you are interested, you might e-mail the seller and see who's on the show before buying the tape. The quality of these is usually somewhat lacking, but for the diehard "Hee Haw" fan who just loves seeing all the old footage, it's worth taking a look.


Q: Who was the Scarecrow in the Kornfield?

A: That was Stringbean.


Q: Do you know if "Hee Haw" will be airing on TV again anytime soon?

A: It's possible that Gaylord Entertainment will get "Hee Haw" back on the air sometime in the future. CMT and GAC are beginning to show more old footage of country performers and I think it would be AWESOME if they could show "Hee Haw" too. If they DO start running the show on TV, I would expect it to be the later years, the ones that are not on DVD yet.


Q: Can we voice our opinion about Gaylord getting "Hee Haw" back on the air or on video?

A: I would suggest you visit the official Hee Haw page, www.heehaw.com,and sign the guestbook - be sure you tell them you want to see more Hee Haw!


Q: Tell me about that dog on the show!

A: Here's what I know about the dog. Actually there were several dogs! There were actually four dogs over the 25-year run of "Hee Haw." The first one was Kingfish, who was only on the show for one season before meeting his untimely death by choking on a bone. The second was Beauregard, who belonged to the show's technical director, Joe Hostettler. Beauregard Jr. came along next. He was no relation to the first Beauregard! The last dog to grace the "Hee Haw" set was Buford, who was on the show for five years. After he left in 1985, they didn't replace him.


Q: I know someone who was on Hee Haw, but I don't see them on the cast page. Can you tell me when they were on the show?

A: Not if they're not on the cast page. If you have information to add to the site about a particular cast member (such as when they were on the show, etc.), feel free to e-mail me. However, I use my own discretion as to what I add to the site as I don't wish to pass on incorrect information OR slander anyone. Also, since this is not my full-time job, it may take me awhile for your information to get on the page. Be assured, though, that I will keep your information and get it on there eventually.



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