Jimmie Riddle and Jackie Phelps

1918 - 1982 ---------------------19?? - 1990?


They were actually musicians; Riddle played harmonica for Roy Acuff, and Phelps played guitar for Bill Monroe. Their most lasting impressions, though, were as the "Eefen and Hambone" team. (Yes, that's what they were saying! I personally thought it sounded more like "Heave and hive.") The knee slapping act started when Riddle and Phelps were fooling around backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. In 1970, Grandpa Jones and Archie Campbell recommended the act to producer Sam Lovullo, who put the pair on the show before commercials and gradually increased their airtime.

Jimmie Riddle died of cancer in 1981. At that time Jackie Phelps was in poor health too, suffering from heart disease. He died a few years after Riddle.


Here are some links about Riddle and Phelps...

Jimmie Riddle

Planetharmonica...where you can hear Riddle with Roy Acuff! (note: this isn't all in English!)

The Country Music Hall of Fame has video clips to view on their site, and one of them is Roy Acuff and his band, including Jimmie Riddle.


I'm still looking for more information about these fellows! E-mail me if you know of more information about Jimmy Riddle and Jackie Phelps.


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