The Hagers

Jim and Jon Hager, identical twins, were born in Chicago, IL.

Some reports state they were born on Aug. 30, 1946. According to, the Nashville CBS affiliate, when Jim died, he was listed as 66 years of age and when Jon died, he was listed as 67. By those reports, they would have been born in 1941.

They were adopted by a minister & his wife.

In the 1960's they were "discovered" by Buck Owens, who saw them performing at Disneyland. After a few years in country music they moved to Nashville. Until Jim's death in Nashville on May 1, 2008, they were still performing together. Jon died in his sleep on January 9, 2009.

Here is a link to their official website, Several years ago, I got three e-mails in one weekend giving me the URL. The third one was from Jim Hager! It's a great site with lots of photos, a biography, booking information, and tour dates. Check it out!

There are plenty of other websites that have photos of the Hagers. Here are a few.

Bakersfield News on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website - recent photos of the Hagers and others also, you can read about Jim Hager's death here. I guess they haven't had time to add Jon's death information yet.

The New York Times had a nice article about Jim's passing, and followed with another nice one about Jon's passing.

Mark & Pam Fisher, Southern Gospel artists, sent me a link to their new page - with an interesting Hager photo


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