Gordie Tapp


Who can forget the Old Philosopher on "Hee Haw?" You know, the old guy who stood on the front porch of the plantation home, telling bad stories and asking silly questions, and consequently getting hit in the head with a broom or rubber chicken or having a cigar blow up in his face. Yes, that was just one of the characters played by the one and only Gordie Tapp. He's also well-remembered as Cousin Clem from "The Culhanes" sketch, and Lavern from the "Naggers" sketch. (The guy whose wife was always ironing & nearly hit him in the head with a skillet every week.) He also played the grocer on the show.

Gordie Tapp came to "Hee Haw" with an already established country storytelling career. Born in Canada in 1922, he has achieved high honors in his home country. He received the Order of Canada in 1998. You can read about his career at the Canadian Communications Foundation website. Ron Newcomer, collector of stars' photos, has a photo of Gordie on his site as well. He was still performing just weeks before his passing on Dec. 19, 2016 in his native Canada.  He is survived by wife, Helen, and three children.


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