How to send Risa an e-mail

I used to have LOTS of e-mail links on my pages but then I started getting LOTS of spam. I have grown REALLY tired of e-mail subject lines about male and female body parts and medications that can manipulate them. So, if you want to send an e-mail, start by reading the FAQ page. Believe it or not many people ask the very same question and you might find the answer there.

If that page doesn't answer your question or if you have a comment or information to add, you can e-mail me at (This isn't linked because e-mail links are often used by automated programs as spam traps. However, you can "cut and paste" this into your e-mail program and send an e-mail that way.) I regret the fact that I cannot respond to every e-mail (though I try) and that I cannot always add information to web pages right away.

If you e-mailed me within the last couple years and I didn't respond, I do apologize. For awhile there I had some health problems (doing much better now, thanks!) & I also have a full time job, besides being a wife & mom & writer. My current work schedule allows me to do more on my webpages so I'm trying to do better!