Cathy Baker


Cathy Baker was the cute, perky little blonde who ended every episode with "That's All!" In the early episodes she was referred to as "Miss Hee Haw." According to the show's producer Sam Lovullo, he hired her because she had such a fresh look. Originally, she was a set designer at WLAC-TV, where the show was filmed for the first few seasons. Cathy is a graduate of the University of Texas where she majored in Radio and TV.

(Note from Risa: Cathy was my favorite when I was a kid. Well, my favorite girl anyway. If you know me, you know who my REAL favorite was. But you can ask my mom, I used to walk around saying "That's All!")

According to Ken Beck of the Tennessean and Country Weekly Magazine, Cathy's painting and raising a family in Orange, Virginia these days.

She was in the movie W.W. & the Dixie Dancekings with Burt Reynolds. Unfortunately I cannot find this on video!

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