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Archie Campbell


"Don't forget to slop your dripper!"

Archie Campbell was born November 7, 1914 in Bulls Gap, a small town in East Tennessee. He had a happy childhood, with a brother and two sisters. He studied art at Mars Hill College in North Carolina. After spending some time in the Navy, he moved to Knoxville, TN and had his own radio show. From there he moved to Nashville and joined the Grand Ole Opry.

''Hee Haw'' began airing during the year Archie Campbell received the ''Comedian of the Year'' award from the Country Music Association. He became known on the show for his hilarious characters, such as the ''handsy'' cigar-smoking doctor, the barber, and the old judge. He wrote much of his own material, including all those mixed-up fairy tales like "Rindercella" and "The Pee Little Thrigs." He also wrote a large portion of the material used on "Hee Haw."

Off the stage, Archie was an intelligent, multi-talented man. He was a family man, married to his wife Mary for many years. They shared two homes, one near Nashville and the other in Knoxville, near their East Tennessee hometown. Archie and Mary had two sons, Steve and Phil. (Phil was also a "Hee Haw" cast member.) In the 1970's, Nashville tourists often found Archie on his riding mower or tending his garden. He had a well-known green thumb!

Among many other talents, Archie was a gifted painter. In fact, his first ambition was to become an artist. He began performing to earn the money for art supplies! He gave many of his works to his friends in the music industry. An avid golfer, he even built the third lighted golf course in the United States, near Knoxville, TN. He thought he was building the first, but two others beat him to it! He gave a lot of his time to the American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, Easter Seals, and other charitable organizations, hosting golf tournaments and donating paintings to raise money for charities.

Archie's son Phil has some of Archie's paintings and prints for sale. For information, write Phil Campbell at 8105 Fašade Lane, Powell, Tenn. 37849.

Archie died August 29, 1987 from heart failure. He is buried in the Glenwood Baptist Church cemetery in East Tennessee near the town of Powell.

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